Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets, Demand Restoration to Their Monarchy

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A farmer chooses his crops based on the soil, climate and culture where he farms. Different soils and climates are better suited for different kinds of crops. You don’t grow bananas in Wyoming like you wouldn’t grow a crop of cranberries in South Africa.

The same can be said of governments. People rely on tradition to produce constitutions and governments as farmers rely on tradition and science when it comes to their crops. It’s doubtful America would have come up with a federal constitutional republic if the Founders hadn’t come from the Western tradition.

In Nepal, their 239-year-old monarchy was abolished in 2008, according to Reuters. The monarchy was ended by a specially elected assembly to get rid of a Maoist insurgency that “killed 17,000 people between 1996 and 2006.” A federal republic was put in place to restore order.

While the U.S. was celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, protesters in Nepal took to the streets to demand the monarchy be restored. The protesters making up the “Citizens’ Campaign” claimed that since the monarchy ended the new government has failed to develop the economy in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Political instability is now becoming a tradition in Nepal. Since the end of the monarchy, there have been “over 10 changes of government,” according to Reuters.

The instability has crippled economic development, among other things. Millions of young people have reportedly had to leave their homeland to find work. The displaced workers end up for the most part in Malaysia, South Korea and the Middle East.

Instability causes unrest. Jitendra Basnet, the top official in Kathmandu, said the “Police only tried to contain a huge anarchic crowd of protesters.” According to Basnet, some police officers were injured when protesters started throwing rocks at them.

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