Terrified 2-year-old dumped across border by human smugglers, with note around his neck rescued by border agent

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An image of Texas Department of Safety Sergeant Lupe Casarez “consoling a terrified 2-yo toddler dumped alone across the border by a ruthless smuggler” was posted to Twitter on Thursday, highlighting the “ruthlessness of the Cartels” as they operate along the porous southern border.

Fox News Correspondent Griff Jenkins said it was “one of the most powerful images I’ve shot covering the border for more than a decade” and documented how the smugglers placed a note around the child’s neck that had contact information for someone in Louisiana.

Jenkins reported on Sgt Casarez rescuing the boy on Tuesday when the DPS officer also arrested “half a dozen Chinese migrants” who were entering along the southern border.

Former senior advisor to President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, replied to a comment about Title 42 and said, The Trump Admin reunified these minors with their families in their home countries, thereby ending the child smuggling pipeline. Biden is transporting these minors to the US-based criminals who arranged their smuggling, unleashing the largest child smuggling wave in all history.”

Title 42 enables Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol officials the ability to expel illegal immigrants over health concerns.

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