Texas base Fort Hood renamed Fort Cavazos after backlash against Confederate Civil War generals

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One of the country’s largest military bases has a new name, with Fort Hood now being officially called Fort Cavazos. The base was commissioned in the 1940s, and John Bell Hood had been Commander of the Confederate Texas Brigade during the Civil War.

The Texas base, the third largest in the US, is now named after Gen. Richard Edward Cavazos, the first Hispanic American four-star general and brigadier general, according to a statement from the Army. Both baseball legend Jackie Robinson and music star Elvis Presely went through Fort Hood.

Cavazos served in Korea as platoon leader of E Company, 2nd Batillion, 65th Infantry Regiment, where many of the soldiers were from Puerto Rico and only spoke Spanish. Cavazos also served in Vietnam as a lieutenant colonel.

The name change took place on May 9 and is one of 10 US Army instillations being renamed based on recommendations from the Naming Commission to remove references to the Confederacy.

Other bases having its name changed include Fort Bragg in North Carolina, now named Fort Liberty, and Fort Lee in Virginia, now named Fort Gregg-Adams, according to the New York Times.

“We are proud to be renaming Fort Hood as Fort Cavazos in recognition of an outstanding American hero, a veteran of the Korea and Vietnam wars and the first Hispanic to reach the rank of four-star general in our Army.

“General Cavazos’ combat proven leadership, his moral character and his loyalty to his Soldiers and their families made him the fearless yet respected and influential leader that he was during the time he served, and beyond,” said Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, III Armored Corps Commanding General. “We are ready and excited to be part of such a momentous part of history, while we honor a leader who we all admire.”

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