Texas lawmakers introduce bill restricting teachings on gender identity, reinforcing parental rights

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Texas legislators introduced a bill on Thursday that prohibits schools from withholding information regarding the mental, physical, or emotional well-being, or changes in gender identity of students, and restricts the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The legislation comes as a slew of schools across the country have adopted procedures that allow students to take on a different gender identity at school without the knowledge of their parents.

SB 393 states that parents have a “right” to know “information regarding mental, emotional, and physical health and health-related services” related to their child.

It states that schools will be required to inform a parent of changes to services provided or the monitoring of a student in relation to their mental, emotional, or physical health, and states that procedures adopted by the school “must reinforce the fundamental right of a parent to make decisions regarding the upbringing and education.”

To comply with this, schools will be required to “encourage a student to discuss issues relating to the student’s well-being with the student’s parents.”

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