Text That Reportedly Led to Carlson’s Firing Reveals Uncomfortable Truth About the Human Condition

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A leaked 2021 text message that reportedly led to Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News is being used to portray him as a vile man and, of course, a racist.

But like other leaks surrounding the former ratings juggernaut, it actually reveals an authenticity and insight that will only further endear him to his supporters.

Carlson’s private text shows he is not immune from primal emotions, tribalism and feelings of hatred — but he is also capable of self-reflection and remorse.

In other words, he is a human being. STOP THE PRESSES!

In one message that was reportedly sent by Carlson to one of his producers in the fallout from the Capitol incursion, the host explored some deeply troubling emotions and then explained how he was able to overcome them so as not to lose himself in a sea of hatred — as so many Americans did during that time.

The text was obtained and quickly weaponized by The New York Times on Tuesday night. It was dated Jan. 7, 2021.

It reads in full:

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