The Aftermath of Woke Bud Light: The Consumer Has Spoken

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In the wake of the Bud Light transgender partnership, consumers have reacted unfavorably, hurting the company’s bottom line and reputation. Budweiser stock tanked, losing around $6 billion in market cap. The company also garnered high-profile criticism and lost brand partnerships. Anheuser Busch responded by releasing a statement that failed to impress their alienated consumers.

Then Bud Light put Vice President of marketing Alissa Heinerscheid and Vice President of Mainstream Brands Daniel Blake on a leave of absence. Heinerscheid and Blake were hired because of their pedigree and experience. They have credentials, but they clearly lack common sense. This is the result of minds infected with woke ideology. Regardless of someone’s education, if their mind is influenced by warped culture, they will forgo logic and embrace damaging progressive ideology.

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