The Atlantic, TRIGGERED by Elon Musk's commitment to free speech, falsely accuses platform of being far-right

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The Atlantic really hates that Twitter isn’t a progressive playground anymore. They hate that leftist journalists don’t hold sway with Twitter execs anymore. They can no longer convince them to suspend, lock or banish accounts who offer views they don’t agree with. 

They hate that officials from Biden’s federal government can’t push propaganda like it’s fact through Twitter back channels. And most of all they hate that Elon Musk dedication to a free speech platform makes Twitter a more open, more robust space for discourse and ideas.

The left used to be all about free speech, they held it up like a beacon, saying things like “I deplore your views, but I respect your right to have them.” The days of ope-minded leftist discourse is gone, and it’s been replaced with ideologues thinking and tweeting in lock-step, terrified that anyone will ask them simple questions they can’t answer like “what is a woman,” or “why can’t minors get tattoos but they can get sex changes.”

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