The Boston Tea Party 250 Years Later: Here Are Seven Things You Might Not Know

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Dec. 16 will mark the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

On that date in 1773, dozens of patriots boarded three vessels and dumped 340 chests of East India Company tea into Boston Harbor. In so doing, they committed perhaps the most important act of civil disobedience in American history.

To help commemorate the anniversary, we have compiled seven things you might not know about that dramatic event and its consequences.

The Tea Party, of course, remains an enduring symbol of defiance. Fifteen years ago, for instance, modern-day progressives bent on expanding the power of the federal government met resistance from a libertarian-conservative political movement calling itself the “Tea Party.”

The items on our list, however, are designed to help readers better understand why the original Tea Party happened and what it meant to contemporaries.

In light of that mid-December anniversary, readers might wonder why this story appears in late November. Well, the first item on our list will explain why.

The Clock Began Ticking in Late November

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