The Daily Dot targets Human Events editor's family, including small children, in disgusting hit piece

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The Daily Dot republished family photographs of the Posobiec family at Florida’s Disney World, taking aim at podcast host Jack Posobiec by targeting his family for online abuse.

Posobiec’s wife Tanya had posted photos of the family at the theme park from a trip the family made in February, weeks before issues surfaced surrounding Disney executives’ opposition to a Florida law that protects children from activist teachers, and supports parental rights in education. Posobiec has since worked hard to expose Disney, and encourage the company, and parents to take action against Disney, encouraging the company to change their ways.

Posobiec has been an outspoken critic of Disney as more of the company’s intentions toward grooming children into gender identity and adult sexual lifestyles have become apparent. Continuous revelations have come forth from whistleblowers, along with documentation from in-house meetings, showing that executives and producers intend to fuel their children’s content with LGBTQ+ themes, which is something many parens across the country actively oppose.

Disney’s adverse reaction to the Parental Rights in Education Bill came after it was passed. On March 8, Disney was criticized for not opposing the bill, and by March 9, Disney CEO Bob Chapek released a statement condemning the law. After that, revelations started emerging showing just how deep the rot in Disney corporate really is.

Producers began talking about their intentions to inject more LGBTQ+ ideology into their content, while lower level employees spoke of their support for parents, and for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who signed the bill into law, despite the pressure from Disney, one of the largest employers in the state. DeSantis slammed Disney for their claims that they would “work to repeal” the law.

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