The progressive left makes a huge mistake going after the GOP, parents on anti-grooming legislation

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The GOP has finally come to their senses and has been combatting educational programs that would indoctrinate children into gender identity and adult sexual lifestyles and a medical industry that advocates for children and teens to be turned into lifelong medical patients at war with their own bodies in the name of affirmative care.

The Washington Post claims that “Republicans have reverted to verbal and legal assaults on the community, sometimes employing baseless tropes that suggest children are being groomed or recruited by defenders of gay rights. The efforts ahead of the midterm elections are intended to rile up the Republican base and fill the campaign coffers of its candidates, without offering evidence that any Democrat had committed a repugnant crime.”

The left doesn’t like when their politics and practices are called out for what they are, and they don’t like their own rhetorical tools being used against them. But when you come for American kids, when you claim that sterilizing our teens and children and preventing them from attaining adulthood naturally, all before they’ve even had their first sexual experience, American parents will fight back. Finally.

Democrats claim that the GOP is “targeting trans kids” by saying they can grow up without medical intervention and can wait until they are adults before making irrevocable decisions about their reproductive and sexual lives. The Democrats claim that it’s “hateful” to want children to be taught to trust the reality of their own bodies, and to know that their bodies and minds are fine and beautiful just the way they are.

On gender identity, Democrats are playing defense. They are propping up their bogus ideology with falsehoods and rhetoric, but conservatives are now able to play that game, they’ve stepped out from behind their cover of social liberalism and fiscal conservatism finally, but they’re doing it because they have to fight for their kids. Good.

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