The US Military Repealed the Vaccine Mandate – Why Are Service Members Still Being Punished?

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An Air Force veteran who is six months from retirement could lose her pension for not getting the coronavirus vaccine even though the military vaccine mandate was repealed last month.

Lt. Col. Brandi King, a 19-year Air Force reservist, said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that she has been placed in a military “purgatory” after her multiple exemption requests were denied, even though she’s allergic to two ingredients in the vaccine and also sought an exemption on religious grounds.

“Right now I’m just in a holding tank of sorts, a type of purgatory, until I phase out of the military altogether,” King said.

“It’s a little loophole that Air Force Reserve Command uses, and really all reserve commands use, to send those of us that they don’t want to serve for whatever reason into a holding tank until we can just basically disappear,” she said.

Essentially, King said the Air Force is holding her pension hostage for refusing to get jabbed.

As a result, she said she has “no means by which to gain income or ‘points’ toward retirement or health care at the moment.”

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