‘The View’ Co-Host Makes Sick Comment on Melania and Donald Trump’s Marriage

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Listen, there are things about former President Donald Trump that are rife for criticism.

To be clear, Trump would still be an exponentially better president than the current dolt occupying the White House, but facts are facts. Nobody’s perfect.

But even given that, there are certain things that should just be off-limits when it comes to attacking Trump, such as his wife, young child, and his marriage.

That should be common sense.

But as the shrill harpies that nest on “The View” have proven time and time again, common sense isn’t exactly a specialty of the daytime talk show.

As they often do, this latest incident from “The View” began with the contemptible Joy Behar wondering aloud why Melania Trump would want to stay married to Donald.

Those despicable comments came in the context of “The View” offering a hyper-partisan take on the ongoing legal issues that Trump is dealing with regarding former porn actress Stormy Daniels and alleged hush money payments made to her.

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