‘The View’ Co-Hosts Fume at Dems, Order They Accept Kamala Harris as VP – But Then Can’t List Her Accomplishments

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Vice President Kamala Harris is to the future of the Democratic Party as “fetch” was to the characters in the movie “Mean Girls”: Stop trying to make her happen. She’s not going to happen.

Yes, the likelihood is that, if Joe Biden is atop the Democratic ticket again in 2024 — as he has repeatedly, if sleepily, said he will be — Harris will be his running mate. Even George H.W. Bush didn’t kick Dan Quayle to the curb, and he was the biggest vice-presidential draft-pick bust in recent memory until Kamala came along.

However, the ladies at “The View” want you Democrats to stop complaining about Harris and just deal. She’s going to be the heir apparent to President “Weekend at Bernie’s” — and she’s wholly deserving of being one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Just don’t ask the panelists on “The View” to come up with any of Kamala’s accomplishments. Because, like most of the rest of us would, they came up empty.

The whole kerfuffle began as panelist Ana Navarro — one of those professional former Republicans who only has a job because she switched sides and disavowed her former party — said she didn’t “know what the hell is wrong with Democrats” not being behind the presidential ticket they have going into 2024.

“Listen, here’s the bottom line, guys: Joe Biden is going to be your nominee,” Navarro said. “Stop talking about how old he is. And Kamala Harris is going to be your vice president. So, stop fretting. Stop wringing your hands. And get behind your ticket. Because on the other side, the alternative is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis. So, you tell me what you prefer.”

Navarro also praised Kamala for her spat with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren after Fauxcahontas didn’t explicitly endorse Harris as Biden’s veep pick in 2024 during an interview, noting “that madam vice president is not responding to the calls from Sen. Warren.”

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