‘The View’ Goes Off the Rails as Whoopi Goldberg Performs Perverse Act on Co-Host as Cameras Roll

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During a Monday segment on “The View” in which the co-hosts were debating whether or not getting a lap dance at a bachelor or bachelorette party should be viewed as cheating, Whoopi Goldberg took things a step further and actually gave Sunny Hostin a lap dance mid-show.

The segment, called “Hot Topics,” featured the hosts of the show debating a recent survey from bonusfinder.com that asked 6,000 males and females across the U.S. whether or not they cheated during a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The word “cheating” for the purposes of this survey was loosely defined as any type of “naughty behavior.”

According to the survey, “The most common way to act out, by a wide margin, was receiving a lap dance, with a third (33.1 percent) of survey respondents confessing to committing this indiscretion. The next most common behavior is kissing someone else (21.3 percent). This is followed closely by signing up for dating apps while attending a party (18.4 percent) and concludes the top three.” In a close fourth place was “other.”

The results of the survey showed that around 70 percent of Americans cheated on their partners while attending a bachelor or bachelorette party.

It was this survey that sparked the debate on “The View” that eventually led to Goldberg giving Hostin a lap dance in the middle of the show.

WARNING: The following video contains an act that some viewers may find offensive.

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