‘The View’ Somehow Managed to Get Even Worse as Writers’ Strike Leaves Whoopi Totally Lost

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It turns out, the legal department’s lawyers aren’t the only writers for “The View.”

Most Americans who are even aware of ABC’s hour-long exercise in intellectual ineptitude probably look at “The View” like a particularly annoying happy hour in a college town: A collection of wealthy, ill-informed women voicing utterly conventional opinions on the “hot topics” of the day.

But the Writers Guild of America strike that started Tuesday revealed there’s something else going on besides the usual limousine leftist echo chamber — and Whoopi Goldberg & Co. weren’t dealing with things particularly well.

At the top of the hour, Goldberg — the de facto ringmaster of the chattering circus — announced to the viewers of “The View” that the show was going on despite the writers’ strike, and the warts might show.

They showed — almost immediately.

“OK. So you know how we’re always talking about how we’re very different than most other shows,” Goldberg said. “Well, as you know, there’s a writers’ strike going on, so we don’t have writers. So you’re going to hear how it would be when it’s not, you know, slicked up. OK?”

Apparently, “slicked up” in Goldberg parlance means actually knowing what topics of conversation are going to come up next.

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