Things Get Weird After ABC Reporter Asks Voter What She Likes About Biden – And This Wasn’t Even the Worst of It

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Pennsylvania Democrats who voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 told ABC News this weekend they are less than thrilled about the prospect of voting for him again.

Biden, who is 80, announced last week he will seek to inflict four more years of his leadership on the country by way of another term in the White House.

Given the fact he has no record to run on, his message essentially has been that he is not a Republican.

That might not be good enough this time around, at least not if sentiments expressed by a number of his voters in Harrisburg and in and around Philadelphia are indicative of how others are feeling across the state — and in others.

On Sunday’s “This Week,” Martha Raddatz spoke to Democrats about their thoughts on voting for Biden in 2024.

While many of them said they would never vote for the leading GOP candidate, Donald Trump, some were clear they weren’t feeling inspired to go out to again vote against the former president.

That could help Republicans no matter who the party nominates next summer.

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