Think Drama with Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Is New? Another Player-Singer Couple Irritated Fans Years Before

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Welcome back to the department of the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Today’s example deals with a ludicrously overexposed celebrity couple, consisting of an NFL player and a pop star, whose constant media attention irritated NFL fans to no end.

We refer, of course, to the early 2000s’ pop princess and erstwhile reality TV star Jessica Simpson and then-quarterback Tony Romo.

Yes, for all you football fans who got thoroughly tired of seeing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s faces plastered everywhere when trying to watch a game this season (very much including Sunday’s Super Bowl), this phenomenon is nothing new.

Back in the far-off year of 2007, Simpson’s highly publicized relationship with Romo, who at the time played for the Dallas Cowboys, annoyed fans to the point that they blamed her for Romo’s poor performance, and even “ruining” his career.

Simpson and Romo first got together in November of 2007, as the New York Post’s Page 6 recounted last week in a report about comedian Keegan Michael-Key’s monologue at the NFL Honors ceremony that compared the Romo-Simpson/Kelce-Swift couplings.

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