This Is How Prosperity Dies

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Now that the lockdown, mask, and mandate wars have died down, I’m getting calls from friends who two years ago cut me off because of my writings and views. They are also looking for insight into the unfolding economic chaos around them. And of course they want some insight into how best to protect themselves.

It’s all a consequence of the thing they supported for two years, I explain. The lockdowns prompted government spending which fired up the printing presses and hence inflation. The masking led to demoralization of the population and falling interest in large events. Who wants to sit in a Broadway play or opera in a mask? And the mandates devastated the labor pool, tossing millions out of jobs and treating remaining workers like chattel.

As for the crime, which is roiling American cities in wave after wave, it’s almost as if locking people in their homes, closing their churches and rehab clinics, taking away social opportunities, and otherwise treating people like lab rats was not overall good for the human psyche. It made good people bad and bad people evil. Who would have thought? Oh, just about anyone who thought about it for a few moments.

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