This Is Why #WeWantCody Dominated Social Media: It’s Terrible News for The Rock

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This is either a multi-billion dollar entity realizing what a mistake it’s made or the most elaborately meta storytelling in World Wrestling Entertainment’s history.

Or, maybe, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson really is that ego-maniacal, and things are actually as they seem.

When professional wrestling fans tell you that the best storylines are the ones that blur fact from fiction, the above mess of possibilities is what they’re talking about.

For the unaware, the Feb. 2 episode of “WWE Smackdown!” ended with a big reveal: The company’s top babyface — or good guy — Cody Rhodes appeared to be abdicating his well-earned position of competing in the WrestleMania 40 main event against the company’s top heel — or bad guy — Roman Reigns for the most prestigious championship belt in the company, to Johnson.

While the storyline dictates that Rhodes willingly gave up that coveted spot, many fans and pundits were swift to assume that Johnson flexed his real-world cachet as a member of the governing board of WWE’s parent company TKO to insert himself into the WrestleMania scene.

Bleacher Report even reported that the buzz around the controversial switch-up suggested that Johnson “lobbied for the match and had the backing of top executives in TKO Group Holdings, which was enough to get WWE to reverse course from what was seemingly the original plan of Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes.”

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