THOUSANDS of fraudulent registrations found requesting absentee ballots on NY voter rolls: study

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The peer-reviewed paper, published in the Journal of Information Warfare’s Spring 2023 edition, stated that “New York State voters are assigned two identification numbers. This study has discovered strong evidence that both numbers have been algorithmically manipulated to produce steganographically concealed record attribute information,” according to UncoverDC.

The peer-reviewed paper, published by Director of Research Andrew Paquette, PhD, and Marly Hornick, was the result of an audit of voter rolls led by the pair using around 2,000 New York-based volunteers.

The study found that there are “hundreds of thousands of illegally generated registrations in the official NYXBOE voter rolls. The exact number is unknown, but it is not less than about 338,000 for registrations active for the 2020 General Election (NYCA [New York Citizens Audit] 2022). If other elections are included, the number of apparently illegal registrations jumps to between 1.2 and 2.4 million.”

56.93 percent of all voter ID numbers were assigned based on a primary algorithm that allows “a hidden attribute tag to be added.”

The New York Citizens Audit found that one fictitious identity with 22 registrations requested multiple absentee ballots to be sent to the same rented mailbox, with the audit revealing that there were other fictitious identities like this one.

“Canvassing has uncovered cases where false votes were added to false registrations or genuine votes were erased,” the paper stated, adding that “a comparison of four versions of the NYSBOE voter roll database created over a thirteen-month period shows hundreds of thousands of modifications to multiple fields belonging to the same voter ID numbers. Although there are valid reasons to update these fields, none of those reasons apply in these situations.”

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