Three arrested, including trans non-binary journalist, in Atlanta for stalking officer, distributing fliers against police training facility

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“There are First Amendment issues in and of itself,” Fowler continued, “but when you couch it with everything else that’s going on with this group … you realize this is more of a harassment campaign and stalking campaign rather than simple use of the First Amendment.”

Court documents reveal the trooper in question “stated that he felt harassed and intimidated by individuals handing out these fliers,” though no testimony was brought forth suggesting the trio ever made direct contact with him.

In the end, Vassall and Dupuis had their bond set at $20,000 and were instructed to abide by a list of conditions. Vassall was told not to come near a number of officers or the neighborhoods, and that he couldn’t communicate with the codefendants except when discussing legal matters. Dupuis, originally from Massachusetts, was given the same conditions, but also told not to enter the state of Georgia except to appear in court. Their bonds were both covered.

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