TikToker blasts small ranch for saying she’s above the weight limit to ride their horses

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Remi Bader, a TikTok star with over 2 million followers, blasted a small horse ranch in Montauk for telling her she was above the weight limit to ride their horses. “Shoutout to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for making me leave because I weigh over 240,” said Bader in her TikTok rant.

The video Bader posted currently has over 1.6 million views and is ripe with commenters harassing the small business, but many noted the potential negative health side effects on the horse carrying obese riders.

Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York claims to be “the oldest cattle ranch in the U.S.” and offers horse rides along the beach as well as pony classes for children. Montauk, where Bader was vacationing and complaining about her inability to take a beachside horse ride, is part of the exclusive Hamptons and boasts a median home price of $1.7 million.

The internet is ripe with research and experts advising weight limits for horse riders. The National Riding Stables Horse Rescue, non-profit organization, notes advice from Dr. Deb Bennett, PhD, who says, “Total weight of rider plus tack must not exceed 250 lbs. There is no horse alive, of any breed, any build, anywhere, that can go more than a few minutes with more weight on its back than this. Not even the U.S. Army ever packed a mule heavier than this.“

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