Tim Hortons offers customers whose movement they tracked a Double Double and a pack o' TimBits in proposed settlement

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In June, a report from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner revealed that Tim Hortons had tracked customers’ movement via their app, leading to a class action lawsuit against the chain.

On Friday, customers received an email from Tim Hortons explaining that a proposed settlement had been reached, and that, if approved, it would result in those impacted being given a free hot beverage and a baked good for their troubles.

“Dear Tim Hortons guest,” the email began, “you are receiving this email in connection with a proposed settlement subject to Court approval, of a national class action lawsuit involving the Tim Hortons app and the collection of geolocation data between April 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020.”

They went on to explain that, if approved, “eligible app users” will be provided with information as to how they can redeem their compensation.

There are, however, restrictions on which products customers are entitled to.

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