Tim Pool cancels Nashville show due to death threat

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After the discovery of a credible threat against his life, journalist Tim Pool was forced to shut down an upcoming musical appearance in Nashville, Tennessee, over concerns that the death threat could materialize and harm attendees.

Pool stated on Twitter that he had considered proceeding with the show, but that in the interest of public safety, he had decided to err on the side of caution.

“Due to a credible death threat against me our show at Red Neck Riviera has been canceled,” Pool announced on social media, adding: “I said f*ck em but I was warned other people could get hurt and we can’t risk other people’s safety.”

In a follow-up Saturday tweet, Pool said that the death threat in question was “compounded by intel suggesting an attempt was actually being made.”

The show, which had been scheduled to take place at RedNeck Riviera Bar & BBQ, would have featured music and commentary from Pool, also the host of Timcast IRL, a popular political commentary and culture podcast.

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