Tim Pool claims police entered his property despite officers knowing it was a SWAT call

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Podcaster Tim Pool is “calling bullsh*t” on the police officers that entered his property after his live broadcast had been swatted, saying the cops knew that it was a SWAT call.

“The cops knew we were being SWAT’d and decided to enter my property under ‘exigent circumstances’ anyway,” Pool wrote on Twitter on Friday morning, the day following the swatting. “I’m calling bullsh*t.”

Included in Pool’s tweet is a Soundcloud recording of what appears to be the dispatch talking about the call.

In the call, one person asks if they can find out if the person that made the call had a local number. He continued on to say, “I’m pretty sure this is going to be a swatting call. They’re shooting a political film inside the residence here.”

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