Tim Pool gives out decks, skates with fans at Freedom Plaza, DC

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We rolled into DC amid white flurries tumbling from a gray sky. Taylor Silverman in the back seat with me bundling against the cold, layers upon layers, not wanting the burden of a coat while skating. Tim Pool upfront ditched his coat for a t-shirt.

A small crowd was waiting for us at Freedom Plaza. This was expected, Tim had been boosting the meet-up all week, ever since the previous weekend when he’d gone in to skate and encountered some women who said the local skaters didn’t want him there.

We scanned the crowd to try to discern friend from foe, to get a sense of who was there, who might not want us there, who was in support, who was there to skate. Tim and Taylor braved the cold and walked into the plaza, unable to get more than a few feet in before fans overtook them, looking to say hi, to say thanks, to shake hands and share oxygen for just a few frosty breaths.

I don’t know anything about skating, but I do know a bit about hanging out, and this was a pretty chill hang. People came from all over, Colorado, upstate New York, West Virginia, St. Louis, Florida, New Jersey, New York, as well as locals who just wanted to skate, to chill, to talk, to be with people. Tim and Taylor talked to fans, braving the wind. 

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