Tim Pool’s woke Canadian guest compares being trans to being left-handed, argues for child sex changes

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A Canadian YouTuber was called out on Timcast Thursday night after making several half-baked arguments in support of experimental child sex changes.

Lance of the Serfs TV wrongly claimed that puberty blockers have been safely used for decades to treat children with precocious puberty, and also made the embarrassing comparison between the exponential growth of adolescents identifying as transgender in the past decade and the small increase in left-handed people that occurred over several decades after society stopped punishing children for being left-handed.

Lance spent a considerable amount of time arguing the case for experimental child sex changes, relying largely on older studies that studied a very different cohort of transgender people to the ones who make up most of the referrals to gender clinics today. He also leaned into meta studies, or essentially studies of other studies, to make his point.

When host Tim Pool asked Lance if he could explain why we are suddenly seeing so many young people identifying as transgender, Pool’s guest pulled out the graph showing the increase in left-handed people over the last century that is so popular with trans activists on Twitter.

Lance explained that we used to see left-handed people as Satanic, as the devil, and that when this view changed, people were free to be left-handed and the numbers “spiked.”

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