‘Tolerant’ Local Official Wishes ‘Great Suffering’ on Christians, Resigns After Full Tirade Exposed

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You would think that one of the qualifications to be on a city’s human rights commission, no matter how big or small that city might be, is that you could reasonably pass as “tolerant.”

This doesn’t entail actual toleration, mind you, although it does require one to actively pretend to it. Think, instead, of the kind of air-quotes “tolerance” that still slaps a “Coexist” bumper-sticker on the back of a Prius in 2022, the kind of “tolerance” that makes sure to write detailed Facebook posts on all seven days of Kwanzaa no matter how puts-mayonnaise-on-mayonnaise white it may be. (No posts on Easter, though.)

In fairness, dear reader, I cannot claim to know or have had professional relations with Diane Loud, an erstwhile member of the Dedham, Massachusett, Human Rights Commission. I don’t know what she drives or what bumper stickers might be on the back of it — but I can venture a guess that, at the time of her appointment, she was considered “tolerant.”

I confess, too, that I’m unaware of what her social media feed looked like on any of the seven days of Kwanzaa. I do, however, know what she posted on Facebook about Christmas — and it’s why she’s 1) out of a job and 2) the latest object lesson in why tolerant and “tolerant” are not nearly synonyms.

According to CBN News, Loud was forced to resign last week after an unhinged Facebook rant aimed at Christians in which she called God a “magic sky daddy” and said those who were upset at the decision to not display a Christmas tree in a public library only “claim to believe in Christ and Christmas or whatever happy horses*** you’re trying to hide behind.”

Dedham, a suburb 30 miles southwest of liberal Boston, first made war-on-Christmas news last week after a supervisor with the Endicott Branch of the public library protested against town supervisors telling her to keep the Christmas tree in storage this year.

“I was told that, when people, I use the word ‘people,’ walked in that room, it made them uncomfortable,” branch supervisor Lisa Desmond told local talk radio, according to WBZ-TV, CBS Boston.

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