Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Dropping Hints They May Be Getting Back Together After Divorce, Says Expert

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The NFL star who could not make his retirement stick might not be able to make his divorce last either, according to the speculation of a psychologist.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings believes that the recent social media behavior of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen — lots of skin and smiles amid talk and images of good times together — is at some level a long-distance courtship ritual.

In October, the couple divorced after 13 years of marriage, saying that the split was amicable, according to the Associated Press. Since then, Brady retired from the NFL for the second time.

“The chance of reconciliation between Gisele and Tom is quite high, but it won’t happen overnight despite their impulsiveness at times,” Hemmings said in an interview with The Sun.

“Tom and Gisele have been indicating that they can survive without each other, but with a hint that they’re not yet willing to lead totally separate lives,” she said.

Hemmings said the key is in the images posted on social media that are “very often accompanied by cryptic messages to show what they’re missing being apart from one another.”

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