Tom Cotton grills DOJ’s Assistant AG over Jan 6, Ray Epps

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During Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on domestic terrorism threats one year after Jan. 6, Sen. Tom Cotton grilled National Security Division Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Justice Department over his apparent lack of answers to numerous questions Cotton asked, including why Ray Epps was removed from the FBI’s most wanted page.

“Mr. Olsen, I got to say your answers to many questions today are disappointing because they boil down to essentially ‘I don’t know.’ Did you prepare for this hearing? Did you know this hearing was happening before this morning?” Cotton asked.

“Yes. I prepared extensively. Senator I — many of the questions are about specific inform — specific facts that I don’t have —” Olsen said. “I feel one of the most important points that I would emphasize is, you know, it’s against a general, general matter. It’s not appropriate to comment on ongoing investigations.”

“I’m not — I didn’t ask you about an ongoing investigation. I just flipped to the cover of my binder here. It says the title of this hearing is the domestic terrorism threat one year after Jan. 6. The Attorney General has repeatedly said this is one of the department’s highest priority,” Cotton said.

“You’re testifying and hearing about the domestic terrorism threat when you’re after Jan. 6; you can’t answer questions about how many people have been charged for events arising out of Jan. 6. Would you go into a briefing with the Attorney General, your, boss and not be able to answer such basic questions?” he continued.

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