‘Top Secret’ Migrant Camp Caught Operating Out of Empty Aircraft Hanger in Texas

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President Joe Biden’s lax border policies have created a situation that grows more dystopian by the day.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Thursday that the city of San Antonio has operated a “top secret migrant camp” for more than eight months. Located in an empty hangar at the city’s airport, the camp houses hundreds of migrants each day at taxpayer expense, according to the report.

Incredibly, elected officials had no idea the camp existed until a few weeks ago.

“When I found out about this, I lost my mind,” San Antonio City Council member Marc Whyte told the Daily Mail.

“What the hell is going on next to the airport. Any expansion of migrant holding facilities I, of course, am adamantly against,” he said.

It gets worse — much worse.

MaryAnn Martinez, Texas bureau chief for the Daily Mail, broke the story with an article that featured more than half a dozen photos taken at the “top secret” site.

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