Tourist Fails to Respect the Local Deer; Buck Teaches Him a Painful Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget

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One buck almost turned a man into a doe — a John Doe — in one recent viral video.

This belligerent Bambi rammed a tourist in the rib cage with his antlers as the unsuspecting shutterbug tried to snap a photo with the cloven clobberer.

A Mexican tourist, Gian Carlo Triacca, and his wife, Erika, were drawn to a group of deer, intending to capture a memorable moment on camera while vacationing in Greece, Metro reported. In an attempt to photograph one of the deer, Triacca found himself in a harrowing situation.

A seemingly innocuous act triggered an aggressive response from a deer, leading to a sudden and violent attack that left Triacca with broken ribs.

“He broke a couple of ribs and left me in a huge amount of pain for several days, but I was lucky my injuries weren’t worse,” Triacca said. “I didn’t go to the hospital. I just recovered by myself with lots of medication and ice.”

Erika Triacca, incidentally, managed to document the entire event, providing a disturbing visual account of the assault.

Triacca’s peaceful vacation transformed into a painful ordeal, shedding light on the importance of respecting nature and its inhabitants, even when our intentions are benign.

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