Tragedy as 3-Month-Old Boy Is Killed by Family’s Exotic Pet – This Could Have Easily Been Avoided

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Almost every parent will tell you that the very first moment they laid eyes upon their child, they realized just how exponentially their level of responsibility had expanded. Not only were they responsible for the safety, well-being and future of themselves or their partner, they now were responsible for doing that for a virtually helpless human being they were now charged with raising to adulthood to be a conscientious member of a functioning society.

Note the caveat there: almost every parent. Every once in a while, one comes across a story that, as a mother or father, sickens and discomfits you because of the arrant lack of responsibility. Such is the case in Shelby County, Alabama, where a 3-month-old baby is dead thanks to an exotic pet no prudent parent would own.

According to WBRC, in Chelsea, Alabama, the infant died on Thursday after a pet that was “described as a wolf-hybrid” by authorities tried “playing” with the child while he was on the floor.

The Shelby County Coroner and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department are now investigating.

“On Thursday, November 30, 2023, at approximately 12:54 pm Shelby County 911 received an emergency call reporting an animal attack involving an infant at a residence in the area of County Road 440 in Chelsea,” the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said in a media release Friday.

“Shelby County deputies, Chelsea firefighters, and Shelby County Animal Control Officers responded to the scene. The infant was transported to an area hospital by ambulance, with a law enforcement escort.

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