Trans activist asks followers to buy male 'girl scouts' cookies

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A trans activist has launched a campaign to encourage people to buy girl scout cookies from “trans girl scouts,” or in other words, male children who are members of the youth organization that was formerly only for girls. 

Erin Reed, a trans-identified male and prominent American trans activist, tweeted a thread of trans-identified scouts, encouraging the account’s 128K followers to buy cookies because “trans kids are under attack nationwide.” 

Reed implores followers to “make the lives of some trans scouts a little bit better,” and shared a thread of links to the young gender-confused people selling cookies to raise funds for various causes.

“The Girl Scouts has accepted trans girls and non-binary kids for years now. Let’s make the lives of some trans scouts a little bit better and get tasty cookies to boot,” said Reed.

Girls Scouts began accepting male children who have been led to believe that their gender nonconformity makes them girls in the early 2010s.

In 2011, the national organization for girls announced that “Girl Scouts is for anyone that identifies as a girl, including transgender girls,” according to a Wired article at the time.

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