Trans activist can tell when men are not non-binary, but women forced to accept trans inmates in women's prisons

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Questioning a person’s self-declared gender identity is transphobic bigotry, even if that person is a pedophile or a sex offender seeking transfer to a women’s prison, but not, it would seem, if the person is a mass-shooting suspect who identifies as non-binary. At least, that was the message delivered by a trans-identified male guest on a recent CNN segment.

Natalee Bingham, who lost a friend in the Club Q shooting, dismissed the suggestion that the suspect is non-binary, stating that Anderson Lee Aldrich’s mugshot clearly showed a man. But critics of gender identity ideology have been quick to point out how inconsistent this is with the “acceptance without exception” slogan many on the left have been pushing for years.

“Sorry but if you’re on the Left then you have no right to deny the shooter’s non-binary identity. You set a precedent here and we will hold you to it. You have to respect his identity. I don’t. You do. These are your rules. Now take your medicine and shut up,” tweeted Matt Walsh, star of the Daily Wire hit documentary “What Is A Woman?”

“You have already made it clear that if a male criminal comes out as a woman and is transferred to a women’s prison, we may not speculate that his trans identification is a ploy to gain access to female inmates. Same for men in women’s locker rooms,” Walsh continued. “Your rules are clear: ALL self-identities are valid and cannot be questioned, ever, under any circumstances. Again: your rules. You are stuck with this. The shooter is non-binary. You have no choice but to accept it. Sorry.”

Another feminist pointed out the hypocrisy of a male who identifies as a woman refusing to accept at face value a male who identifies as non-binary while women are not allowed to question males who identify as women. 

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