Trans activist who boasts about having a penis says London councillor misheard disturbing 'penis' comment in women's bathroom

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A Conservative councillor in London who recently spoke out about a disturbing experience involving a trans-identified male in a pub bathroom is being challenged on her story by the male in question, who claims the councillor was mistaken about what she heard.

Last week, Ruby Sampson, 22, councillor for Cockfosters Ward, told of how she found herself in a tiny pub bathroom with a very tall trans-identified male. Making small talk about the “temperamental hand dryer,” Sampson says the male responded, “I’m going to wipe my hands on my penis.”

Writing about the experience in the Daily Mail, Sampson explains feeling shocked, and interpreting the comment as a “threat of sorts.”

“Why would you assert the fact that you had a penis in a female single-sex space?” she asks. “I felt like I had been flashed as the penis image was put in my mind by [the male’s] announcement. It was said to intimidate.”

Trans activist Sophie McAllister at first responded to Sampson’s tweet about the incident with a comment about the size of the trans-identified male’s penis.

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