Trans activists at UC Davis claim evolutionary biologist not qualified to speak about sex, gender

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Trans activists have deemed an evolutionary biologist unqualified to speak about what it means to be male and female because he did not study gender studies.

Dr. Colin Wright, who has a PhD in evolutionary biology and ecology, gave a talk in Davis, California on April 22 titled “The Biology of Sex & Gender Curricula in CA Public Schools.” His appearance attracted a crowd of trans activist protesters who objected to his presence on the grounds that his PhD thesis was about spiders, not gender.

Bearing signs such as “Colin’s PhD was about spider colonies not gender studies,” and messages about humans not being equal to bugs, the activists suggested Wright’s speech was “right-wing propaganda.” One sign even went so far as to suggest that his words could “kill kids.”

Wright began his talk by stating that he is not political, that he wasn’t there to “own the libs,” but rather it was his intention to make factual claims about biology in the hopes of sparking productive conversations.

The first part of Wright’s talk involved outlining very basic facts of biology in order to debunk the common activist claims that sex is a spectrum or a social construct.

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