Trans couple has second child via surrogate using father's eggs

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Transgender couple Jake and Hannah Graf, stars of the 2020 Channel 4 documentary “Our Baby: A Modern Miracle,” recently welcomed their second child into the world.

Jake Graf, an actor, writer and film director, had previously made the decision to have eggs harvested during a pause in hormone therapy, which were then fertilized by a sperm donor two years before meeting Hannah, according to The Daily Mail.

The couple have two children by the same surrogate, a woman called Laura, who they say gave them “the most amazing gifts…entirely altruistically.”

Recounting some of what they believe to be the prejudiced ideas about their family, the Grafs told the Daily Mail that “one of the more wildly fanciful among them is that they will raise their children to be transgender, which, the Grafs point out, is no more possible than raising your child to be gay.”

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