Trans health group says kids should start 'gender transition' at age 14

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The World Professional Association for Transgender Health will be lowering the recommended minimum age for gender transition surgeries, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

The health association will start recommending hormones to be taken at 14 years of age, lowering the current age recommendation by two years. They will also start recommending that some gender transition surgeries start at age 15, lowering the current age recommendation by one year, the outlet reports.

The leading transgender health association said that it would be harmful to withhold early treatment despite acknowledging the potential risks.

The updates will be included in a medical journal that is expected to be published later this year, according to the outlet who obtained an advanced copy of the changes.

Dr. Eli Coleman, WPATH’s chairman of standards of care, said that transgender teens will be able to experience puberty around the same time as their peers if they start treatment earlier. However, he stressed that certain factors will be weighed into allowing an individual to transition, like parental consent and emotional maturity.

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