Trans-identified male allegedly peeks under young girl's stall in changing room in British Columbia

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A mother in British Columbia has spoken out about a disturbing incident allegedly involving a trans-identified male in a female changing room at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre last Friday.

Janayh Wright told Chek News that she was in the women’s changing rooms with her nine-year-old daughter when she saw a male wearing a wig and a face mask acting suspiciously. She said the individual had no bag, towel, or swimsuit and was looking around in the showers. The person then went into the stall next to the one her daughter was in.

“I could see their feet moving, so you could see the bottom of the stall, then I saw the wig peer down and they were trying to peek underneath the stall,” Wright told Chek News.

“When the individual came out of the room still fully clothed I then approached them. They told me it was in their human rights to be in the changeroom and that they weren’t going to leave. There were a few words exchanged and I ushered them out the door.”

Wright reported this to a manager and was told that while the behavior was unacceptable, it was indeed the trans-identified male’s human right to be in the female changing room. Wright was disappointed with how her serious complaint was handled. She then reported the incident to the police.

“This has to do with a safety issue with children. This is in no way an attack against the LGBTQ community. This doesn’t have anything to do with that at all,” said Wright at a protest outside the centre on Feb 5.

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