Trans-identified male 'mother' who advocates for 'weird sex stuff' induces lactation to breastfeed child

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“Cow achievement,” announced a man with curly purple hair gleefully on TikTok. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm over the results of a new treatment that induced his male breasts to produce a substance vaguely resembling breast milk.

“Trans women can indeed lactate,” the man claims, smoothing his multi-colored magenta bangs, “you would follow the Newman Goldfarb protocol.”

That is a method to help women lactate and was developed in 2020.

“A medical protocol designed to help women induce lactation if they were not, like, getting pregnant themselves,” he says.

“I’m gonna be a mother!” He announces, “that’s in the works, in the process, and part of that process is that I am working to induce lactation so that I am able to breastfeed our youngest child.

“Yeah! Actual ‘mommy Naomi,'” says the TikToker who goes by nominal.naomi, and tagged the post #transjoy. “I’ve actually already successfully induced lactation. Like, I can actually make milk now.”

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