'Trans' patients encouraged to withhold mental health history from doctors to access hormones

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Leftist UK-based media organization Novara encourages trans-identifying minors to withhold mental health history from doctors to obtain cross-sex hormones.

O.S. Warren, a trans-identified biological male, wrote an article in December 2021 offering advice on how to game Britain’s healthcare system to obtain hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The article was reconfigured for social media and published last month on the @novaramedia Instagram account. A Twitter user called attention to the alarming medical advice offered from the left-wing news site.

Warren believes that transgender healthcare in the UK is experiencing a “crisis,” where patients who seek drugs and surgeries to “affirm” their trans identities are “subjected to intolerable waiting times.” Warren wrote a guide to help others sidestep medically necessary safeguarding that they believe to be merely “punitive.”

“This guide offers up some strategies for trans people seeking the most common form of gender-affirming healthcare, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), in the face of the UK’s outdated and punitive healthcare system,” wrote Warren.

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