Trans Transformer reveals pronouns to non-binary child in animated series

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A recent episode of the popular children’s cartoon Transformers: EarthSpark features a non-binary robot who meets a non-binary girl.

A clip of the episode shared on Twitter by Libs of TikTok opens with the robot Nightshade telling a cowering young girl that its pronouns are they/them, to which the girl responds, “I’m Sam. I’m she/they.”

The two characters then discuss what a scary place the world can be and how it’s hard to know who’s dangerous and who’s not.

“I know I’m safe when I’m with my friends, or other non-binary people,” the girl tells the trans Transformer robot with they/them pronouns.

But the robot is confused by the term non-binary, so the girl explains that it means “people who aren’t male or female.”

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