Transgender Artist Wins Prestigious Award for Work That Closely Resembles a Pile of Garbage

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That’s really the only word I can use to describe the piece by artist Jesse Darling that recently won the Turner Prize, a prestigious award handed out to a British visual artist.

Darling, 41, is making headlines because her work disses Margaret Thatcher, “Britishness” and other forces of “societal breakdown,” according to the U.K. Independent. Also, she’s the first transgender winner of the award; according to Britain’s iNews, she’s “transmasculine,” which is a fancy way of saying she’s a woman who identifies as a man.

Anyhow, according to the Independent, the Oxford-born Darling was presented the award by rapper Tinie Tempa on Wednesday and promptly pulled a Palestinian flag out of her pocket. Nice work. In addition to being given the opportunity to virtue-signal, she was also awarded £25,000 ($31,437.62) in prize money.

During her speech, Darling also slammed former Prime Minister Thatcher for cutting back on art in schools since it wasn’t “economically viable.”

“She paved the way for the greatest trick the Tories ever played, which is to convince working people in Britain that studying, self-expression and what the broadsheet supplements describe as ‘culture’ is only for certain people in Britain from certain socioeconomic backgrounds,” she said.

“I just want to say don’t buy in, it’s for everyone.”

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