Transgender cartoonist with diaper fetish allegedly attacks journalist in Manchester

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A British journalist alleges that he was attacked by the Canadian transgender cartoonist who creates diaper fetish art after he attended an event in Manchester on February 26.

Jack Hadfield, a writer for Valiant News, went to listen to Sophie Labelle speak at a bar in Manchester’s Gay Village. Labelle’s speaking tour of England recently came under scrutiny after it was discovered that the biological male who speaks openly about having a diaper fetish was scheduled to give a talk at a “family friendly” event hosted by Sheffield library.

Labelle has faced criticism for allegedly using photographs of real children found online and turning them into the diaper fetish art known as “diaperfur art.” This form of artistic expression combines an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters with an interest in wearing diapers, normally as part of baby role-play in a sexual context.

Labelle tweeted in 2021 about partaking in “diaperfur art,” stating a refusal to be shamed for a “kink” that is indulged “responsibly.” Labelle suggested that anyone shaming this interest was using it as an excuse to attack a “trans woman.”

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