Transgender woman sues yoga studio after being told to use the men's locker room

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On Monday, a transgender woman filed a $5 million lawsuit against a Manhattan yoga studio in Chelsea, New York, after being asked to leave the women’s locker room after female patrons complained. 

According to the filings, Ali Miles, also known as Dyan Miles, informed management at Hot Yoga Chelsea of intentions to use non-gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms. When Miles was informed that the facility did not have non-gender-specific locker rooms, the studio was told that Miles intended to use the women’s facilities. 

Management informed Miles that the women’s facilities were off-limit for use as well. After taking the class, Miles disregarded the studio’s rules and went into the women’s locker rooms and was subsequently directed to exit the space and told to use the men’s facilities.   

“Miles use of a single-gender locker room and bathroom labeled Men, made Miles suffer shame, humiliation, and frustration, Miles, against Miles wishes and intent was forced to use a locker room and bathroom that was not most closely aligned with Mile’s gender.” the suit said. 

Miles is suing under New York State Executive Law § 296(2)a, which prohibits discrimination “because of the … sexual orientation of any person… To refuse, withhold or deny to such person any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges thereof.” 

Miles is also suing under New York City Human Rights Law § 8-107(4), which says “it shall be an unlawful discriminatory practice for any person, being the owner, lessee, proprietor, manager, superintendent, agent or employee of any place or provider of public accommodation, because of the actual or perceived . . . sexual orientation . . . of any person, directly or indirectly, to refuse, withhold from or deny to such person any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges.” 

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