TREEHOUSE ANTIFA: Far-left activists demand Atlanta police release 23 domestic terrorism suspects charged with attack on 'Cop City'

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On Friday, far-left activists marched in protest over the Atlanta Police Department’s construction of their Public Safety Training Facility, a location dubbed “cop city,” shouting “free them all” in reference to the 23 Antifa-affiliated leftists charged Tuesday for attacking the construction site.

The Post Millennial contributor Savanah Hernandez reported from the streets of Atlanta, with footage showing the gathered protestors shouting “Stop Cop City, shut it down” and “no justice, no peace” before beginning their march.

The group then began their march to the Atlanta Police Foundation, a location that members of the so-called Treehouse Antifa, attacked in January. In that event they set a police car ablaze, scuffled with officers, and threw rocks and fireworks at the building itself.

The activists shouted “Cop City will never be built!” as they marched.

In January, Treehouse Antifa announced via their now-suspended Atlanta Forest Twitter account that there would be a “night of rage” following the fatal shooting of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, a 26-year-old member of the group. He was killed by police after he allegedly shot an officer who was part of the operation dedicated to clearing out the South River Forest, where the police training facility will be built. The area had previously been an Antifa-occupied autonomous zone.

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