Trevor Project hosts forum for adults to help teens secretly transition and talk about sex

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A concerned mom posing as a teen in the Trevor Project’s trans youth online forum discovered inappropriate conversations occurring between adults and children.

Trevor Project, an organization that purports itself to be an LGBT youth “suicide prevention” nonprofit, operates the online community forum TrevorSpace, where adults instruct children on how to hide their transition from parents and ask them about sex.

The mother, Rachel, who comes from a Democrat background and has her own gender-dysphoric child, went undercover on TrevorSpace, and was shocked at what she found. A special report from the National Review details Rachel’s findings from screenshots taken of the chats.

“She opened a ‘Pandora’s box’ of sexually perverse content, aggressive gender re-assignment referrals, adults encouraging minors to hide their transitions from their parents, and many troubled kids in need of psychological counseling,” reports Caroline Downey of the National Review.

Rachel turned to the Trevor Project in desperation because she thought her child was in danger of taking her own life. Rachel was persuaded by a “highly credentialed” medical and mental health team to allow her daughter to socially transition, she told National Review. Her child was hospitalized several times for self-harm and suicidality. Rachel and her husband, based in Brooklyn, were told that “gender-affirmation” was their only option.

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