Truckers convoy shuns mainstream media during press conference

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The Freedom Convoy held its first press conference Sunday, with three of its lead members, organizers Tamara Lich, Benjamin Dichter, and Chris Barber, bashing the mainstream media and taking quetions only from independent journalists.

The massive convoy over the weekend rallied outside Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa and has grown considerably in scope since its start. Truckers from the United States have joined the viral cause, as well as Indigenous groups.

The protesters took issue with the Toronto Star and the CBC.

“This is also why we omitted certain news agencies from this press conference, including the Toronto Star and the CBC who are banned from this press conference,” Dichter stated. “And the reason they were banned is two-fold.”

“First, this entire week the CBC, Toronto StarYahoo! News were retweeting and reposting with a few others – kept putting stories out that our GoFundMe was frozen or suspended because of nefarious reasons. You know ‘right-wing truckers,’ ‘dangerous people,’ and it was hysterical, me and Tamara were talking,” the organizer continued at the press briefing, according to the Daily Wire.

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