Trudeau Liberals agree to resettle 1,000 Afghans at request of US

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The Trudeau Liberals will accept roughly 1,000 Afghans who fled the Taliban in their home country over the last year, and have been made to stay at a makeshift refugee center in the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement was made after a US requested that Canada resettle some of the 5,000 Afghans still in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi, a source told Reuters. Canadian officials are now in the process of identifying those who meet its resettlement criteria.

It is the first occasion in which Afghans in the facility are being resettled to a country that they do not have direct ties with, like government work with the country in Afghanistan.

Canada’s resettlement criteria for those from the facility include religious minorities, single women, civil servants, social activists, and journalists.

The Liberals are also expected to confirm that a further 500 Afghans from the facility will be accepted, according to the source, who said that this scenario was very likely “happening.”

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